Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You stick the beer can where?!

Yes, here it is… Beer Butt Chicken! Something that has been on our list to try out for a while now! Now this is how I explained what it is on Facebook… ya stick the can up the chicken’s wazoo and the beer infuses into the meat making the chicken nice and moist and tasty! Yum! You can use any marinade for the chicken that you want! I rubbed it down with olive oil and then seasoned it with salt, onion salt, and paprika. Nothing complex. After talking to a friend though (Yes Erica, that’s you!), I learned that you can really get creative! Using juice instead of beer, throwing herbs into the can (like cloves of garlic)… seems like you can do anything! I just LOVE trying new recipes!!

Oh, and before I forget, David wanted me to inform you all of my proudest moment yesterday (a MAJOR brainfart). Here I am with this leftover beer can chicken and I’m cutting off pieces of chicken to put into a salad for me and a pasta dish for David. I’m yelling from the kitchen saying “David, this bird doesn’t have breast meat.” So David comes into the kitchen and points to where the breast area is. I look at him and look back at the chicken and while stabbing it with my knife I say “David it’s all bone, there is no meat.” He then informs me that the breast is on the other side of the chicken! Wow, ya learn something new every day! I’m a special one!

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