Monday, July 19, 2010

David’s New Baby

Ok, so since we have been grilling out so much in the past couple of weeks, I had to show you a picture of David’s new baby! I am so glad we have a grill these days… it’s perfect for summer time. And I love trying out new grilling recipes! Let me know if anyone has any favorite recipes! I want to know what you all love to grill!

Oh, by the way, I just have to mention that David is a pro at the grill! Go Davie! Love you!


  1. We have that same grill! Mark and I love it but unfortunately we don't do a lot of grilling right now because we don't have the space for it. But soon!

  2. The grill is awesome right?! There is just something about charcoal grilling that makes it all worth while! Soon enough you will be back to grilling :) Then we can share recipes!