Thursday, July 29, 2010

Double Trouble

So David isn’t really big on gifts, especially receiving them, but this year for his birthday he made one special request: homemade coconut cream pie. I found this recipe a while back that was Coconut Macadamia Nut Pie… now this is just calling David’s name because he LOVES macadamia nuts.

But wait! Apparently, David started telling the guys at work what he was getting for his birthday and their ears, eyes, and taste buds decided to perk up! When David was telling me about this later that evening, I realized he was trying to hint to me that he wanted me to make not one pie, but two! One pie for David (all to himself!) and one to bring to his work… Geez oh man!

This pie is not difficult to put together, but it has a custard center in it, which I would say was the biggest pain of this process! Since I was making two pies, I just decided to double up the recipe. So here I am making the custard on the stove… the recipe informs me that while stirring CONSTANTLY on medium heat it will take approximately 18 minutes to bring the custard to a boil and then it can be poured into the pie dish. So realizing I had doubled the recipe, I was prepared to be stirring for at least 36 minutes…give or take a few.

An HOUR later, I am still stirring!! See, the stove in our townhouse is not the greatest… so I was tweaking the temperature throughout the whole stirring experience. Here I am stirring and stirring and stirring and now the heat is sitting between medium high and high… I didn’t dear turn the heat higher for fear of the custard burning. I can’t complain too much though because all my hard work was well worth it.

Unfortunately I was a day late on making his pie... David was perfectly fine about it but I still felt terrible. But we celebrated the following night with David’s mom… Coffee and pie to keep the birthday celebration going! And hey, I’ve always been told by my grandmother, Bubby, and my mom, that you get to celebrate your birthday ALL month!

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