Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It’s a fiesta in my mouth!

Here we have it! Salsa chicken accompanied by watermelon salsa. Lots of salsa but very different variations! The watermelon salsa was posted previously, thanks to Jacki, but this time I made it and used the newest baby of the household – fresh cilantro that I will continue to try to grow! I was at Publix looking for fresh cilantro, and the only available cilantro was potted, so I figured I would buy the plant – the price was worth it! I also bought fresh basil too, which I will use for future recipes! Oh – and I totally would have posted pictures of my new babies, if I hadn’t already pulled the leaves off them! I didn’t think to take pictures before I started using them! Hopefully I will be able to take pictures once the leaves grow back! That will also mean, my sweet talking, daily watering, and making sure they get some plant food from time to time (to stay healthy) is working!

The chicken was seasoned with my own “taco seasoning” blend, topped with fresh salsa (I cheated and bought the salsa from Sam’s club, but it’s delicious!), and then baked. The spices from the chicken paired perfectly with the watermelon salsa! It is nice making foods that are healthy and taste so fresh.

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