Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on Avi!

January 23, 2011 - 6 months old!
 It's that time to give you an update on Avi, our avacado tree. He's getting bigger! Not quite growing avacados yet (he has a long, long time until then), but his leaves and stem continue to grow longer and wider!

Avi tends to really perk up in the mornings, but as the evening nears, he droops quite a bit. This seems to be a daily pattern though. For a while, Avi stayed indoors, but when we realized fruit flies were coming around quite often, we decided it was time for him to stay outside and we hoped he would be okay in our random Florida weather. Avi has adapted well and David takes great care of him! I just watch and take pictures... I think David is afraid to let me care for a plant, for fear of me forgetting about it with my horrible memory! LOL. He wasn't doing too great a couple of days ago; there was a lot of rain last friday night and Avi's home flooded a bit. After a couple of days he was back to himself though! It is so exciting to track how far Avi has come along! And he's still going strong too!

It's tough trying to maintain a garden when you live in a rented townhome with a very small backyard. I feel a bit restricted! Eventually I would love to grow my own garden with an unlimited amount of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables! One day it will happen :) And when it does, I will make sure to talk to Mr. and Mrs. J. about their thoughts and tips on a successful garden!

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  1. Avi looks so cool! And he (she??) really looks healthy! Tell David he's doing a great job. I think you guys are probably far enough south that Avi will be ok outdoors. If you think about it, I would bring him in if it is going to freeze overnight though. :)