Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am so excited that I just had to share with you all! My first recipe, Vegan Ho`olaule`a (Hawaiian Celebration) Cake, has been featured today on the front page of So exciting! This cake was baked for the special Mr. and Mrs. J., who are newlyweds! David and I wanted to celebrate with them when thy came to visit us for New Year's. What a good time we had! Too bad we don't live closer!

I recently found out Mr. and Mrs. J. will be baking this delicious cake on their anniversary. I am so happy they loved it!

I can't wait until others try this recipe! I hope they like it! It is delicious, but very ADDICTING!

Thank you everyone for all your support!



  1. I'm so excited for you! I got on vegweb and reviewed the MOST DELICIOUS CAKE EVER. :) I think Mr. J is counting down the days to our anniversary JUST so he can have this cake. lol

  2. Thank you Shannon! You have no idea how much your support means to me!

    Now I'm starting to want another piece.... LOL!